Israel en wereld nieuws.
Justin Trudeau In Canada Moves to Ban Christians From Demonstrating in Public Under New Pro-Islam And Pro-LGBTQ+ Anti-Hate Speech Proposal

Clashes Break Out Between IDF And Lebanese Nationals On Border - Your News From Israel

IDF Bombs Syrian Military Targets After Israeli Jet Is Attacked - Your News From Israel

Moshe Update - Israel Elections Bury Trump Peace Plan Farce

Moshe Report From Israel - Syria Shot At Our Plane

Things are Closer Than They Appear ++ HANG TOUGH TRUTHER

Bible Prophecy Update – May 26th, 2019

Billy Graham: Technology, faith and human shortcomings


Breaking: "White House "MAN ON FIRE"

Are US/UK Trying To Kill Assange?

Prophecy Alert: "Kushner Meets King Of Jordan" (2 State Peace Plan) Demands (Holy Land)

There will be no WARNING

Psalmen 91:1-16

    Gods bescherming tegen gevaren
    Die in de schuilplaats des Allerhoogsten is gezeten, die zal vernachten in de schaduw des Almachtigen.
    Ik zal tot den Heere zeggen: Mijn Toevlucht en mijn Burg! mijn God, op Welken ik vertrouw!
    Want Hij zal u redden van den strik des vogelvangers, van de zeer verderfelijke pestilentie.
    Hij zal u dekken met Zijn vlerken, en onder Zijn vleugelen zult gij betrouwen; Zijn waarheid is een rondas en beukelaar.(schild)
    Gij zult niet vrezen voor den schrik des nachts, voor den pijl, die des daags vliegt;
    Voor de pestilentie, die in de donkerheid wandelt; voor het verderf, dat op den middag verwoest.
    Aan uw zijden zullen er duizend vallen, en tien duizend aan uw rechterhand; tot u zal het niet genaken.
    Alleenlijk zult gij het met uw ogen aanschouwen; en gij zult de vergelding der goddelozen zien.
    Want Gij, Heere! zijt mijn Toevlucht! Den Allerhoogste hebt gij gesteld tot uw Vertrek;
    U zal geen kwaad wedervaren, en geen plage zal uw tent naderen.
    Want Hij zal Zijn engelen van u bevelen, dat zij u bewaren in al uw wegen.
    Zij zullen u op de handen dragen, opdat gij uw voet aan geen steen stoot.
    Op den fellen leeuw en de adder zult gij treden, gij zult den jongen leeuw en den draak vertreden.
    Dewijl hij Mij zeer bemint, spreekt God, zo zal Ik hem uithelpen; Ik zal hem op een hoogte stellen, want hij kent Mijn Naam.
    Hij zal Mij aanroepen, en Ik zal hem verhoren; in de benauwdheid zal Ik bij hem zijn. Ik zal er hem uittrekken, en zal hem verheerlijken.
    Ik zal hem met langheid der dagen verzadigen, en Ik zal hem Mijn heil doen zien.

This Happened On Planet Earth...May 2019...End Times Signs

This Just Happened In Antarctica, But You Won't Believe What Happens Next...


US Deploys THAAD System to Romania

The 5th State of Matter ++ Lots More

China Trade War Explodes! ... Prepare For The Worst

Breaking: "Cataclysmic Floods Headed Toward Little Rock, Arkansas

Orthodoxe groep verstoort Messiaanse bijeenkomst


Pride Month In June Is A Great Time Of The Year To Tell The Lost LGBTQ+ People Where You Live About Their Need Of The Saviour, Jesus Of Nazareth

Russia's Duma Passes Pro-Family Law! Large Families Will Get More Than 450,000 Rubles Per Mortage

Astonishing Sky Late May 2019

Weersverwachting 02/06/2019 - Na de hitte blijvend warm in het (uiterste) oosten (NWBNLX)

De ingewikkelde strijd tegen criminaliteit in de Rotterdamse haven

Israeli forces and settlers enter Al-Aqsa Mosque compound

Iraq's president calls on neighbours, allies for Iran's stability
MAJOR Blackout: What Happened Online Today?

You Might Wanna Watch This Right Away !

Bible Prophecy Update – June 2nd, 2019

Feeding His Sheep! Feeding And Clothing The Homeless Inner City Outreach!

After The IDF Launches Twin Airstrikes On T4 Airbase In Syria, Netanyahu Gives ‘Jerusalem Day’ Speech Warning Iran That They Can’t Beat Israel

Moshe Report From Israel - Syria Hit Again By Homs

Endzeit-News ? Der Untergang der SPD | Grüne überholen CDU


Donald Trump lands in UK for state visit | 5 News

Trump makes controversial remarks about UK ahead of state visit

Trump meets the Queen at Buckingham Palace - BBC News

President Trump and Prince Charles review guard of honor

Large group of migrants from African countries attempt to cross into US through Rio Grande
Moshe Report From Israel - Oh The Birth Pangs Are Active
The Flying Dutchman

Pope Francis Authorizes Major Change In ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ Removing ‘Lead Us Not Into Temptation’ Because He Doesn’t Understand What It Means

Breaking: "Moon Volcano's Eruptions" Moon Is Quaking

**END TIMES NEWS** - Israel / Syria Hurtling Towards The End... Many Signs

Something Unseen Is Happening on Earth.. (JUNE 2019)

Lebanese Girl Dabke Master Manwa

Philippine Prison - Dancing Inmates 2010 Tribute to Michael Jackson.flv

Shaken Fury 2019: FEMA Conducts Large-Scale Exercise Near Memphis

China Warns Its Citizens On Risk of Applying at US Universities

Mass Die-Off Of Gray Whales Along US West Coast Declared An Unusual Mortality Event

The Rapture Of The Church And The Revealing Of The Antichrist


Hair-Sniffing 2020 Presidential Candidate Creepy Joe Biden Declares That The LGBTQ+ ‘Equality Act’ Bill Will Be His ‘Number 1 Priority’ If Elected

Israel conducts deadly retaliatory strikes against Syria - TV7 Israel News 03.06.19;

Fury Erupts After Biological Male Craig ‘CeCe’ Telfer Wins National Title In The 400-Meter NCAA Championship Competing As A Transgender ‘Woman’ Against Actual Women

By Backing Al-Qaeda, Trump Continues Obama's Horrible Syria Policy

U.S. Peace “Deal Of The Century’ May Be Further Postponed - Your News From Israel

Trump ‘niet blij’ met nieuwe Israëlische verkiezingen

The Final Signs Before The World Ends...June...(2019)

Moshe Update - Israel Law Maker Calls For Return To Torah

What Happened To The Internet?

Did The Government Just Test The Internet Kill Switch? If Not, Then Why Did This Happen…
US Israel Look To Make Deal With Russia To Control Iran

The Invitation”: It’s Time Right HERE...Right NOW...To Respond!!!

Angel Visits Mary | Jesus Tales | Stories of Jesus Christ | 4K Video

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Breaking: "Saudi Summit In Mecca" (2 STATE SOLUTION) For Holy Land

Prophetic BLOOD MOON Over Jerusalem July 16-17, 2019 / Peace Deal?

The Coming LGBTQ+ ‘Equality Act’ Will Make It Nearly Impossible To Preach The Gospel In Public Or Keep Transgenders Out Of Your Daughter’s Restroom

I have something with heaven10 pm EAST 14.9.2017

This Happened On Planet Earth...June 2019...End Times Signs

WHOA.. Undeniable "Entrance" Discovered On Mars

Ramadan Comes To A Close With Eid Al-Fitr - Your News From Israel

LGBT Equality Act: Will President Trump and Republicans Submit to Gay Gestapo?
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24 Hours In The Most Haunted Cave On Earth...

THOUSANDS Are Vanishing Off The Face Of The Earth

Abe talks peace in Tehran & Iran blamed for attacks

False Flag or Provocation? U.S. Quickly Blames Iran for Attacks on Ships

Iran attack on Japanese ship ‘doesn’t make sense’

Mega Heat Wave Scorches India As Temps Hit 50C, Melting Roads

Top Russia'a Anchor Explains Why British Left Out Russia & Putin From D-Day 75th Anniversary Events

This Sickening Purge Of Christian And Conservative News Publishers From Social Media Is The Only Way The Liberal Left Can Win The Election In 2020

Weersverwachting 13/06/2019 - Aangename vrijdag voor de boeg, morgennacht lokaal onweer (NWBNLX)

Dire Warning Issued By Putin: “Something Catastrophic Is Coming…”

Gaza-Palestinians resume rocket fire toward Israel - TV7 Israel News 13.06.19

Who Torpedoed the Japanese Ships?

China Passing Technology to Iran that Surpasses US Capabilities

The End Times - In the Words of Jesus - Classic Collection - 3398
"NOT HUMAN": People Are Sighting These "Things" Everywhere..

Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras Sending Their Prisoners Towards US Border

Breaking News: Elaborate Plan to Bomb Iran

Breaking “Mega Mega 7.4 Quake Hits New Zealand Coast TSUNAMI WARNING”

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, June 15, 2019, #201 ( Dane Wigington )

This Happened On Planet Earth...June 2019...End Times Signs

US and Iran step up the blame game over suspected attack on oil tankers in Gulf of Oman

BREAKING! Putin: U.S. - Russia Relations Are Getting 'Worse And Worse'

WHO vs Ebola outbreak in Uganda

The US Just Witnessed Its 12 Wettest Months In 125 Years, and The Floods Keep Coming

Did Iran Attack The Tanker Or Was It A UFO? America The Great Deceiver! Dajjalic Antichrist Lies!

America Missed Its Chance To Finish Russia Off In The 90s; West Is Shoving Russia and China Together


Something HUGE Just Happened And They're SILENT About It...

This Happened On Planet Earth...June 2019...End Times Signs

In Bid To Create A One World Monetary System, Facebook Launching New Cryptocurrency ‘Libra’ That Was Originally Called ‘GlobalCoin’

US-Iran debates: Fake writers and state-funded trolling | The Listening Post (Full)

NEW - "STRANGE SOUNDS" coming from Sky! - Unusual phenomena RETURNS!

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The Answer To Life’s Problems REVEALED!!!

Book of Revelation - Full Movie - The Revelation of Jesus Christ,

Verdrijft antisemitisme opnieuw Joden uit Duitsland?

German Jews are Moving to Israel Due to Rising Antisemitism

A World In Chaos - The Antichrist Is Coming..(2019)

Iran: U.S. will face consequences to economic war - TV7 Israel News 10.06.19
Breaking: "Interplanetary Shock Wave Hits Earth" / Steve Quayle

Breaking: "UFO Flying Over New York"

WE WARNED YOU: Drag Queen Story Hour Is Using Registered Sex Offenders To Read LGBTQ+ Themed Stories To Your Children At The Public Library

WARNING: Chuck Baldwin Now Teaches Replacement Theology, Is Against Regathered Israel, And Is Against The Pretribulation Rapture Of The Church

NATO supports ‘treasonous’ Kosovo independence push – Balkans expert

Bilderberg 2019! You Won’t Believe Who's Going & The Agenda They Admit To! Secrets Explode!

Israeli-Arab conflict, battle over Jerusalem – Jerusalem Studio 426

Coming soon... US-Iran a course of collision -JS 427 trailer

Israel conducts a deadly retaliatory bombardment in Syria - TV7 Israel News 28.05.19

U.S. to deploy additional forces to confront Iran - TV7 Israel News 27.05.19

Economic Collapse 2019! 59% Of Americans Are Living Paycheck To Paycheck

**END TIMES NEWS** - Israel / Syria / Many Crazy End Times Signs

Insight to Israel - Where does Israel stand on abortion?

De ingewikkelde strijd tegen criminaliteit in de Rotterdamse haven

This Happened On Planet Earth...May 2019...End Times Signs

BREAKING Robert Muller To Speak Today To The Nation! My Heart Is So Heavy!

Opnieuw verkiezingen? Waar is dat goed voor?

Iran waarschuwt: 'Wij zijn de absolute macht in de regio'

Terraforming Earth Continues and The Sheep make excuses.

Weekly Update --- Congress Fiddles While Trump Lurches Toward War on Iran

Moshe Update From Israel - Still No Coalition 8 Hrs Left

Amazon Set to Purge Many Small Suppliers In Huge Strategy Shift